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Elizabeth Donegan // Associate

Elizabeth Donegan

Sergeant Elizabeth Donegan is a 25-year veteran of the Austin Police Department.  She has extensive experience in investigating child abuse and sexual assault (stranger and non-stranger). For the past six years, she has led the Sex Offender Apprehension and Registration Unit (SOAR). For over nine years she led the APD Sex Crimes Unit, which was widely recognized for its progressive approach toward investigating sexual assault, providing better service to victims, and changing the culture surrounding the investigation of non-stranger sexual assault.

Liz has investigated and overseen over 10,000 sexual assault cases. Her reform efforts implemented within the unit resulted in national recognition by organizations such as the Human Rights Watch, International Association of Chiefs of Police and End Violence Against Women International.

Liz consults with and trains multi-disciplinary audiences in best practices in sexual assault, including trauma-informed response and investigations. She has trained campus police, advocates and assistant district attorneys at a number of higher education institutions including Notre Dame, University of Texas, St Edwards University and Huston Tillotson University. Liz also conducts training for the military and law enforcement agencies in the US and Canada, including the US Army and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

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