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Margolis Healy In the News: July, 2013

Steven Healy Discusses Clery Act Compliance Challenges

July 30, 2013

Managing Partner Steven Healy was interviewed by University Business for their recent article, Taking Control of Clery Act Compliance. The piece discusses the increasing number of institutions receiving fines for failing to comply with the Clery Act, the reporting requirements associated with Clery, and the challenges institutions face as they try to remain in compliance.

Margolis Healy Interim Report Leads to Changes at Swarthmore

July 18, 2013

Swarthmore College, which is under federal investigation for for its handling of rape and sexual assaults, announced it will add a full-time coordinator to ensure compliance with Title IX and increase prevention and training programs to address campus sexual violence.These changes come as President Rebecca Chopp released an interim report from Margolis Healy, the College’s consultant. More changes are expected in the future once Margolis Healy completes its work and issues a final report. For more on this story, visit Bloomberg.com for their article Swarthmore to Boost Sexual Assault Response Measures Amid Probe or Swarthmore Makes Wide-Ranging Changes in Response to Sexual Assault Complaints at Philly.com.

Margolis Healy Announce Breakthrough Staffing Formula

July 10, 2013

Margolis Healy has announced a new, groundbreaking methodology to help higher education institutions determine appropriate public safety staffing levels. The Margolis Healy Bi-Dimensional Staffing Formula (BDSF) is based on a process developed by the founders, Mr. Steven J. Healy and Dr. Gary J. Margolis. Previous staffing analysis methods have typically focused on reactive shift activity levels, and other factors such as the ratio of officers to population (mathematics). The Margolis Healy Bi-Dimensional Staffing Formula’s analyses takes the analysis to the next level by providing an in-depth, accurate description of staffing needs through the combination of a Space Analysis and a Shift Activity Analysis.

Margolis Healy now offers its flat fee Bi-Dimensional Staffing Analysis service as part of its full array of project and retainer services. For more detailed information, please visit the Staffing Analysis webpage.

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