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CEO Steven Healy discussed impacts of UNC Charlotte campus layout with USA Today

Steven Healy discussed with the USA Today about how a campus layout impacts protecting people on campus like it did at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Universities can be particularly hard to protect against people with bad intentions. They tend to be open spaces, especially public colleges like UNCC, and it can be hard to track everyone who comes and goes. What’s more, colleges don’t really have an interest in changing that, said Steven Healy. “The open campus is a feature of American higher education that will never go away,” Healy said. “We want people to be able to freely travel across campus. This is who we fundamentally are, a place for the open exchange of ideas.” Even the best preventive measures may miss someone, Healy said. It’s unfortunate, he said, that mass shooting training is needed. But it’s the only way people will know what to do if someone opens fire on campus. The reality is university leaders now have to add this to their list of responsibilities, even if they never signed up for it.

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