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Arming Support (Lethal & Less-than-Lethal Force Options)

We understand the unique challenges that arise when an institution of higher education explores arming their campus public safety officers, or implementing less-than-lethal use of force options. Our extensive experience in public safety and higher education administration allows us to facilitate reviews and studies that support institutions and their public safety functions with these decisions and processes. We also advise on, and assist with, the implementation and/or enhancement of written directives, policies and procedures, including those relevant to response to aggression (e.g., use of force), delivery of a training program on a department’s use of force policies for all armed officers, and the investigation of use of force complaints and related liability delivered for supervisors. Our recommendations may include advice and counsel on the type(s) of lethal and less-than-lethal weapons to be deployed and/or made available to your officers, including handguns, shotguns, patrol rifles, Tasers, baton, chemical, beanbag, etc., as well as type of ammunition. We also assist with the identification of ongoing training needs and the development of internal resources to this end.

We work closely with the appropriate departments and members of leadership at your institution to advise on the assessment of officers suitable for transitioning to carry lethal force tools. We also participate in campus and community forums to discuss expectations, transition, etc., as required by your college or university.

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