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Clery Compliance Retainer Services

The goals of the Clery Compliance Retainer Service are: (1) to reduce an institution’s overall cost of enhancing its Clery Act compliance program; (2) to optimize institution-wide compliance efforts; (3) to provide the institution with direct and regular access to consulting on routine campus public safety and compliance matters, without added cost; and (4) to integrate our consulting services, to the extent appropriate, with the on-going efforts to enhance an institution’s safety and security program.


  • Enhance institutional Clery Act Compliance program;
  • Provide support to the institution’s Clery Act Coordinator;
  • As needed on-site participation in Clery Act committee meetings, and remote consultative assistance by phone, email, video conferencing, etc.; and,
  • Support and advise on the institution’s Clery Act required policies and procedures.

Annual Security Report

  • Manage the revision of the latest-issued Annual Security and Fire Safety Report to correct discrepancies (if applicable);
  • Facilitate the development of the 2014 Annual Security and Fire Safety Report, including the addition of the provisions of, as applicable, the Campus Sexual Assault Violence Elimination (SaVE) Act;
  • Ensure notices announcing the availability of the Annual Security and Fire Safety Report are properly developed and distributed.

Data Coordination and Collection

  • Facilitate and coordinate the gathering of crime and arrest/disciplinary referral data from various internal and external sources, such as the Office of Student Conduct, local law enforcement agencies, and the state police;
  • Consolidate relevant data from these sources with information and policies from across institutional departments;
  • Advise the institution’s Public Safety/Police Department records division to ensure proper classification of crime incident reports;
  • Advise the Institution on maintaining accurate records on security awareness and crime prevention programs and presentations;
  • Advise and support the Records Custodian for all Clery Act-associated records;
  • Advise institutional counseling and psychological services and the center for women students (or similar advocacy center) on gathering statistical data related to crimes disclosed to those offices.

Policy Development and Training

  • In conjunction with the applicable offices, develop and advise on Clery Act required policies, procedures, and programs;
  • Develop an Executive Orientation training program;
  • Develop a comprehensive Clery Act training program for key stakeholders;
  • Develop training for campus security authorities (CSAs);
  • Advise various institutional offices to ensure compliance with the provisions of the newly enacted Sexual Assault Violence Elimination (SaVE) Act;
  • Provide updates on federal & state legislative changes relevant to the Clery Act.


  • Access to MHA online repository of Clery Act resources; sample protocols and procedures; etc.;
  • Access to quarterly digital digest of relevant Clery Act topics, stories, and lessons learned;
  • Timely relevant bulletins on managing and responding to Clery Act audits.

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