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Emergency Management Coordinator Retainer Services

Through our extensive experience with colleges, universities and K-12 schools throughout North America, and as we work with our clients on a variety of emergency preparedness related issues, we are often requested to provide significant additional services such as emergency plans or annex development, department plans, team trainings, exercise development and facilitation, etc. While we are honored and grateful to further serve as trusted advisors, such services are typically conducted at greater expense to a client due to increased value of the additional project(s). We have also discovered that the placement of fixed milestones over a shorter timeframe, typically due to artificial contractual parameters with a smaller scope of services, does not allow for the organic identification and development of reasonable, comprehensive and actionable plans, policies and procedures.

To this end, we have developed a unique, value-added retainer service, the Emergency Management Coordinator Retainer Service. This retainer service includes an ambitious, yet attainable, amount of annual deliverables that are augmented by routine and emergency access to our staff for expert consultative services through phone, email, video conferencing, etc. Our annual retainer service provides your institution with an annual exercise to meet Clery requirements, specifically designed by Margolis Healy in consultation with institutional leadership and facilitated by our staff on-site. A retainer also allows an institution to consistently and proactively budget for services. As our retainer clients will attest, we become an integral member of your team, available to participate in regularly scheduled emergency team meetings, the review of event plans, programs and development of policies related to preparedness.

The value of these services is increased further with the regular accessibility to our experts, well beyond the limited accessibility and scope provided on a per project basis. We offer a comprehensive solution to enhance campus emergency planning in areas that may include, but not be limited to, the services described below:

  • Assessment And Evaluation Of Plans
  • Development and/or Enhancement of Essential Policies and Procedures
  • Emergency Exercises and Drills
  • After‑Action Reports
  • Hazard Vulnerability Impact Assessment
  • Quarterly Digital Digest
  • Online Policy Repository
  • Timely Bulletins

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