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Public Safety Executive Support

Our public safety executive retainer provides new public safety leaders and their institution with services such as coaching, mentoring and access to our experience and knowledge in such areas as understanding organizational culture, how to best collaborate and build relationships with other administrative offices within colleges and universities, understanding the role of the campus public safety agency in the behavioral threat assessment process. Additional experience and knowledge areas may include, but are not limited to:

  • Culture and operations of Student Affairs functions on campus, and the student development model;
  • Managing crisis and critical incidents;
  • Addressing issues of discipline and decorum;
  • Implementation of community policing in the campus environment;
  • How to collaborate and build relationships with administrative functions (e.g., human resources, general counsel, procurement services);
  • Understanding the role of public safety, law enforcement, and/or security services in the behavioral threat assessment process;
  • Building relationships between campus public safety, police or security and local, county, state and federal law enforcement;
  • Essential issues in mutual aid agreements;
  • How to work with faculty around disruptive student issues;
  • Applying the 4th Amendment in the higher education setting;
  • Clery Act issues and questions;
  • Title IX issues and questions;
  • Emergency management issues and questions;
  • How to work with unions and managing contract security;
  • Budgeting;
  • Working with staff organizations;
  • Understanding the application of security technology; and
  • Navigating institutional politics;

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