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Case Study: Elite Private University

Margolis, Healy and Associates helps a small, elite private university transition to armed police officers.

The SITUATION: Stevens University (fictional name) recognized the threats facing university and college campuses after 9/11 and the tragedy at Virginia Tech, and decided that an armed, full-service police agency was in the best interests of the community. The University required a comprehensive review of the arming process for its sworn police agency, and related policy, training and organizational recommendations before firearms and related use of force tools were deployed.

The SOLUTION: Stevens University engaged Margolis, Healy and Associates, LLC (MHA) to provide counsel to the Board of Trustees during the arming process, and perform a management review to ensure that the agency was prepared for the transition. MHA reviewed policies and practices relating to use of force and psychological screening; delivered training for supervisory staff on the investigation of use of force actions by campus police officers; reviewed decisions relating to the choice of firearms, ammunition and the firearms qualification training program; and generated a detailed report outlining dozens of recommendations to ensure the University was meeting best and promising practices in campus public safety. Today, the 3,000 students and more than 1,000 employees at Stevens are safer and can be confident that the University’s public safety department is prepared to effectively respond to a full range of emergencies. The Board of Trustees and the President of the University continue to express their support for the department and the campus police chief.

TODAY: Stevens University continues to rely on MHA for advice and counsel on the operation of their public safety organization, and on matters involving the use of force by their police officers.

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