60 Days to ASR Lift-Off Update

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Campus Safety

Campus Violence
Community Colleges
Campus Special Events
Technical Assistance and Training


60 Days to ASR Lift-Off Update
Timely Warning Report (TWR) Decision Matrix
Top Five Tips for Parents and Students for Safety on Campus PDF
FBI Bomb Data Center - The Bomb Threat Challenge PDF
Campus Threat Assessment and Management Teams: What Risk Managers Need to Know Now PDF
Campus Attacks: Targeted Violence Affecting Institutions of Higher Education PDF
National Association of Attorneys General: Task Force on School and Campus Safety PDF
The Aftermath of Tragedy on Campus, 2010 Legal Issues in Higher Education Conference, Margolis Healy & Associates, LLC
Conducting a Vulnerability Assessment, 2010 Valencia CC Presentation, Margolis Healy & Associates, LLC
Factors to Consider When Evaluating College or University Safety
Healy Prepared Statement to U.S. House Committee on Education and Labor: "Best Practices for Making College Campuses Safer" PDF

Campus Violence

Workplace Violence Presentation PDF
Campus Safety: “IACLEA Blueprint For Safer Campuses” PDF
Aftermath of Tragedy on Campus Presentation PDF
IACLEA Blueprint for Safer Campuses Presentation PDF
Healy Testimony before US Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Gov Affairs PDF

Community Colleges

Florida Association of Community Colleges, Council of Student Affairs Presentation, Margolis Healy & Associates, LLC
Florida Association of Community Colleges, Council of Student Affairs Presentation PDF
Legal Issues for Community Colleges Presentation (Valencia) - Jan 2010 PDF

Campus Special Events

Planning and Managing Security for Major Special Events
Managing Large-Scale Security Events
Campus Special Events Management
Margolis Healy’s 10 Essential Steps for Safe Campus Special Events PDF
Model Special Event Form (Stanford University) PDF
Campus Special Event Management: Margolis Healy NASPA Law Conference 2011

Technical Assistance and Training

Community Involvement in Campus Safety
Major Cities Campus Security Guidelines
State and Local Anti-Terrorism Training (SLATT) for College Law Enforcement
Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training
IACP Model Policy: Active Shooter
Advanced Campus Crime Prevention Course
Basic Campus Crime Prevention Course
Toll Free
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