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The Evolution of Campus Security Needs

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Margolis Healy Senior Director of Security and Emergency Management Services Daniel R. Pascale, CPP, was invited to submit a chapter to this year's Emerging Issues in K-12 Campus Security: Leading Lawyers and School Security Experts on Creating an Emergency Response Plan, Training Staff, and Observing Warning Signs. His chapter, The Evolution of Campus Security Needs, "is intended to discuss some of the challenges facing school safety and security professionals today and into the future, and to discuss the evolving roles and responsibilities of campus safety stakeholders."

Thomson Reteurs produces the Inside the Minds book series and Emerging Issues in K-12 Campus Security, which is an authoritative, insider's perspective on the key legal and safety concerns for elementary and secondary school campuses nationwide. The book features partners and campus security experts from some of the nation's leading firms. Dan's invitation is an enormous honor and we are very pleased to be able to share his chapter with you.

For more information on the entire book, please visit the Emerging Issues website at Thomson Reteurs.

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